Orient Automotive Industries

Industry:  Automotive
Commencement of Operations:  2005
Location:  Hub, Baluchistan


OAIL is a manufacturer of Bull Power Tractors, Diesel fire Bull Power pump and Gensets.

Bull Power has received a positive response from national and international markets. They have performed better than the consumer expectations, from its high quality, reliability and Power. Our 3's dealers and distribution networks are stretched concretely all around the country. Our Exports have been to Africa and Afghanistan.

OAI Gensets are designed to cater the growing industrial energy requirements.

OAIL is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company. Total constructed/covered area of OAI Plant is 56,000 square meter. State of the art tractor manufacturing / assembly plant is fully equipped, on a covered area of 131,250 square feet with a capacity to assemble/manufacture 6,000 tractors per annum on single shift basis and 18,000 tractors per annum on three shift basis. The tractor plant's facilities include an engine assembly, test beds, quality control lab, state of the art automated metal sheet and chassis paint shop, spare parts storage, and conveyor system for assembly area as well as covered facility for SKD/CKD units, PDI section as well as a storage facility for CBU units. The Plant also has a covered manufacturing facility for Mufflers, fuel tanks and other smaller parts.

Facilities include electrical hoist machines, overhead cranes, conveyor for engine assembly area, tractor lift equipment etc. We have office area, staff cafeteria, guesthouse and backup power generators at a covered area of 15,000 square feet.

Quick Facts:

Number Of Employees: + 250
Commencement of operations (Yr): 2012
Production Capacity: 9,000 tractors / year on shingle shift
Tractors: Bull Power – 550
Bull Power – 550 S
Bull Power – 560
Bull Power – 560 S
Bull Power –576
Bull Power–597
Bull Power Orchard
Bull Power Diesel Fire Pump PM-3-50
Bull Power Diesel Fire Pump PM-3-76
Generators Omni Energy Generator PP 17
Omni Energy Generator PP 22
Omni Energy Generator PP 27
Omni Energy Generator PP 33
Omni Energy Generator PP 44
Omni Energy Generator PP 50
Sales Tax Regn 17-12-8708-150-82
NTN # 2497930-9
SECP Regn # 0051017
Date of Incorporation 04/07/2005