Omni Group

Pakistan’s Leading Business Conglomerate

Omni group is a privately owned industrial conglomerate in Pakistan. We are integrated into several industries which includes Rice, Sugar, Cement, Ethanol, Polypropylene bags, Power, Automation and Aviation. The company employs more than +6,500 satisfied employees and is looking forward to expand its operations internationally.

Omni group is one of the largest sugar producer in Pakistan. Currently operating, with Nine sugar mills and having significant advantages in terms of economies of scope and scale. We are a company comprised of dedicated professionals in pursue of our mission and vision

Business & Venture

A quick view of Business ventures comprising each company. The attributes represent the name of company, year of establishment & business area.


The group’s strength accounts from its sugar business. We currently operate 9 sugar...



Rice production in Pakistan holds an extremely important position in agriculture...





In early 80s power generation was solely in public domain. It was in mid of 90s that IPP program proved very successful which as a consequence led to the execution of 15 projects.
Key Features for New Captive Power Producer policy are as under,

  • Transparent Power Policy
  • Risks of rising Fuel Prices, Inflation, Interest Rates is passed through
  • Exemption from income tax


Dawn of Pakistan Aviation industry was when Orient Airways merged with Pakistan International Airlines Corporation (PIAC). PIAC the national flag carrier remained Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) until the arrival of private airlines.
Our Aviation companies are:

  • TCB Aviation
  • Omni Aviation
  • Polymer

    Plastic is cost effective, moisture and air proof, gives a longer shelf life for packed products, has an aesthetic appeal...

  • Real Estate

    Our Real Estate companies are, Regent Services

  • Automotive

    Pakistan produced its first vehicle in 1953, at the National Motors Limited, established in Karachi

  • Distillery

    In Pakistan Ethanol is produced from Molasses without effecting production of Sugar. Production of Molasses in Pakistan is around 2.2 million Tones (2013 PASMA).

  • Gases

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