Omni Power

Industry:  Power
Commencement of Operations:  2011
Location:  Ansari Sugar Mills, Malti, Sindh


The Project has been established under New Captive Power Plant Policy (N-CPP). A Net capacity of 12.8 MW is sold to HESCO. 

Waste to Heat Energy Recovery plant is under commission, with a gross capacity of 1MW. The power plant can be expanded as per availability of gas in future. The project achieved commercial operations in 2011.

Quick Facts:

Number Of Employees: 14
Commencement of operations (Yr): 2011
Rated Capacity: 13.2 MW
Engines: 4 GE Jenbacher Gas Engines with a Gross capacity of 3.3 MW each
Net Capacity: 12.8 MW is sold to HESCO
Sales Tax Regn 17-00-3635-393-19
NTN # 3635393-7
SECP Regn # 0072295
Date of Incorporation 22/04/2010