Khoski Sugar Mills

Industry:  Sugar
Commencement of Operations:  2011
Location:  Deh Khoski, District Badin, Sindh


The bulk of sugar processing equipment has been procured from A.W. Smith & Thomson, England. Some of the major processing equipment are 3 Boiler Houses, Power House, Process House and Mill House.

Equipment for Power House are from Peter Brotherhood, England.  It is a steward, UK plant and is located in one of the best cane growing districts of the country.

Quick Facts:

Number Of Employees: + 800
Commencement of operations (Yr): 2011
Crushing Capacity: 4,500 TCD
Products: White refined Sugar
Quality: White Refined Sugar
Grade: R1
Sales Tax Regn 17-00-3659-290-18
NTN # 3659290-7
SECP Regn # 0074263
Date of Incorporation 18/12/2010
Shareholding Pattern Khawaja Abdul Ghani Majid (67%)
Mrs Menahel Majid  (33%)
Directors Khawaja Abdul Ghani Majid
Mrs Menahel Majid