Omni Polymer Packages

Industry:  Polymer
Commencement of Operations:  2005
Location:  Deh Jagsiyani, Taluka Tando Muhammad Khan, District Hyderabad, Sindh


Omni Polymer Packages Pvt. Ltd specializes in manufacturing WPP bags and HDPE Liners and provides total packaging solutions for all needs. Our name is reckoned in the realms of manufacturing and supplying a wide-ranging, variety of customized packaging bags. We have been in production since 2005, and professional experience of our management enables us to be a reputed manufacturer. We enlist in the top five bag producers in the country.

We are an ISO 9001:2008 Certified company within the scope of Manufacture of propylene Woven bags.


To facilitate our customer with complete range of packing material, we also manufacture HDPE/LLDPE Liners in the same premises with 4 new Liner Manufacturing Machines with capacity of 2 Million liners per Month.

Our bags are used for packing fertilizer, sugar, wheat, rice, grains, seeds, cattle feed, fish meal, dates, agro products, chemicals with a capacity of 4.5 million bags per month. These bags can be tailored according to the requirements of our clients.

OPPL imported 26 automatic Circular Looms from M/s. Starlinger Company, Austria & 30 Looms from M/s. Lohia Starlinger Company, India. The Starlinger Company Starex-800s & Lohia Starlinger 1400HS extruder line is totally automated, thereby giving exact denier of customer choice. We have imported 60 automatic Circular Looms From M/s. Starlinger Company, Austria.

Some of the major processing equipment are Auto Cutting & Stitching Machines, Looms, Thread Manufacturing Machines, Cutting, Stitching, Printing& Tape Line Machines. Induction of a further state of the art automatic six color reel to reel printing machine will give a better paint finishing and will thus reduce losses on discontinuing manual operations.


Quick Facts:

Number Of Employees: + 290
Commencement of operations (Yr): 2005
Production Capacity: 4,500,000 bag / month

2,000,000 liners / month
Woven Polypropylene Bags
High Density Polyethylene Liners

Sales Tax Regn 17-12-3923-005-46
NTN # 2243781-9
SECP Regn # 0049242
Date of Incorporation 06/01/2005