PEMA (Pakistan Ethanol Manufactures Association) is under registration as the official body of the distilleries.

In Pakistan Ethanol is produced from Molasses without effecting production of Sugar. 

Production of Molasses in Pakistan is around 2.2 million Tones (2013 PASMA).

Two main types of Ethanol are,

  • Hydrous Ethanol (min 94% ~ 96%)
  • Anhydrous Ethanol, fuel grade (min 99% or more)

Pakistan began ethanol export when four distilleries started converting molasses into value-added ethanol. Prior to this the entire average quantity of two million tons of molasses produced per annum was exported at a throwaway price and never fetched more than $60 per ton. However, with the passage of time the conversion capacity of molasses into ethanol increased manifold. These units have a total conversion capacity of 553,200 tons and need around three million tons of molasses per annum. Presently these distilleries are exporting four categories of ethanol Anhydrous with

  • 99.97 per cent purity also known fuel grade,
  • ENA (extra neutral alcohol) 96.50 per cent purity,
  • Industrial alcohol (B-grade) with 92 per cent purity and
  • Blended (mix ENA and industrial grade) with 95 per cent purity.

The technology has helped ethanol exports to small market at a faster pace because introduction of ISO tanks that could even be airlifted.

Our Distillery companies are:

  • Pak Ethanol 

Ethanol Flow Chart

For more details, download our complete Alcohol Manufacturing Process document here.