Plastic is cost effective, moisture and air proof, gives a longer shelf life for packed products, has an aesthetic appeal, and provides a good barrier for preserving aroma and flavor of packed goods.

One genre of plastic packaging is flexible plastic packaging, which has been around for over sixty years. The most commonly used raw material for plastic packaging are BOPP and CPP (Polypropylene), PET (Polyester), PE (Polyethylene), PVC (PVC Rigid, PVC Shrink and PVC Blister) and cellulose.

Omni Polymer packaging produces customized different sizes, designs and gramage of bags.

Woven Polypropylene Bags are both durable and economical, and they thus, efficiently suffices the needs of flexible packaging. Woven polypropylene bags are naturally tear resistant, minimizing or eliminating product loss so often associated with other packaging products.

Woven polypropylene Bags offer the best packaging for a large variety of products in industries such as agriculture, chemical, mining, building material, Fertilizer, pet food etc. They provide convenience in stacking, saving weight, and a far greater strength comparatively.

Omni Polymer packaging (Pvt.) Ltd. Produces customized different sizes, designs and gramage of bags. Our quality process control is ensured under three heads, namely; Material inspection, Process inspection and Final Quality control.

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